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Dr. Wright Gooder/Prof. Steampunk

February 2016



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Oct. 22nd, 2011

Dr. Wright Gooder/Prof. Steampunk

Prof. Steampunk documentary

A few weeks back, we were approached about being the subjects of a documentary on steampunk by a graduate school filmmaker. We accepted, and the crew followed us to RealmsCon in Corpus. This Friday, they came to the house and workshop to take some footage working on projects and do interviews with Lady Artamiss and I. Here's a pic of the filmmaker getting footage of Lady Artamiss making jewelry:


And another of her filming me working on a steampunk camera. All that dark around the edge is the bellows and she's shooting through the lens end of the camera, getting a shot of me testing my camera on the other end.

More info to follow as she does the editing, etc. Supposed to be a public showing in Dallas on Dec. 1. Can you say Steampunk Road Trip?????LOL
Dr. Wright Gooder/Prof. Steampunk

X-ray machine finished!!!!!

OK, it's not "finished" but I did get it working. Got the power module (made by some guy named Dell) installed, got the proper adapters, repaired damage from ceiling collapse (see previous post), and powered it up. Keyboard works well, display is great, and I can't wait to make some kind of steampunk mouse. Really would have liked to hinge the top of the control box on the left so it would open to reveal a mouse pad, but it's on the wrong side and way too far away to comfortably use, but I'm still working on that. I promise I'll pull up some steampunk-worthy graphic on the screen and post another pic

Dr. Wright Gooder/Prof. Steampunk

Removed ceiling from floor

Well, this past two weeks has been hectic. About a month or more ago, the ceiling (drywall) in our study/pool/poker room collapsed. Just pulled free of the nails. Had to wait for insurance to come look, but they never did. Did an estimate from square footage and looked up replacement cost in our area. It was less than our deductible, so we're on the hook for the whole kit and kaboodle.

A couple of weeks back, I got asked if I'd be the subject of a documentary on steampunk. The crew followed us to RealmsCon in Corpus and wanted to film some footage in my workshop and study, especially of the X-ray machine. So, the entire family (except the oldest who joined the Air Force just to escape such indentured servitude) jumped in and started hauling sheetrock, etc. out of the study. As of Thursday night, just before midnight, here's what the finished product looked like.

Oct. 2nd, 2011

Dr. Wright Gooder/Prof. Steampunk

(no subject)

Tried to post an entry back in July and August, but the photos wouldn't upload for some reason. So here it is:

One of these days, I'll learn not to stop at an estate sale, especially when I'm trying to clean out my own workshop and house. As it is, I did stop and couldn't get away without a couple of cool items. The band saw above was a whopping $10! I couldn't pass up the radial cutouts in the metal and loved the old wood stand. Looks just like it ought to be in an old workshop and it's even got a gooseneck task light. The old motor and logo dates it to about 1930s and it was a Sears brand. Not sure from the research, but it was either a lower level of Craftsman power tools or it later became the Craftsman brand. Anyway, can't wait to clean the workshop up so I can find a place for it. BTW, the old motor purrs like a kitten! Plugged it in and it ran great.

Apr. 3rd, 2011

Dr. Wright Gooder/Prof. Steampunk

Trunk finished!!!

Got frustrated with how long it was going to take me to get leather handles off the internet (Brettuns Village Trunk Shop is great though), plus price ($15 a pair) and trouble finding the correct size for this trunk, then I remembered I had some saddle skirting weight leather in the scrap box. I also had one intact (cracked and brittle, but intact) old handle from the trunk.

I traced the old handle onto the new leather. The original was three thinner pieces of leather stitched together, but the saddle skirting was almost exactly the same thickness by itself. Cut it out, drilled a line of holes in each end of each strap, and cut them out as a slot. Sanded the edges down, died them black, put a satin finish on them, and I had my two leather handles.

I didn't want to put clinch nails so I went to Lowe's and got four 3/4-inch Chicago screws. Had to waddle the hole out just a tad, but they fit perfectly after that. But they were aluminum and just too bright for the rest of the stripped steel fittings, so I dipped the heads of the Chicago screws in the same merlot paint I used on the body of the trunk.

After they dried, I used them to attach the straps. Viola! One complete Airship Office Trunk:

We're planning on going to Aether Fest at the end of the month in San Antonio, but are not on any panels or demos there this year. So, we may bring the Time Machine Emporium trunk, Lady Artamiss' small steamer trunk, and the Airship Office Trunk as luggage. That ought to throw the bell boys at the St. Anthony a little curve LOL.

Mar. 27th, 2011

Dr. Wright Gooder/Prof. Steampunk

Prof. Steampunk's Airship Office Trunk

Okay, been working on the field office trunk off and on for a couple of months. Decided this weekend that I would finish it up, except for a couple of things (still have to paint the bottom and I need to order the leather handles for the side).

Here's the before:

And the after:

And here's the inside before:

And after:

The color is not exactly right; it's a little less red, more of a bright burgundy, so it's just a shade darker than in the photos. Looks good with the black bands and the bright steel fittings. I had considered copper sulfating the steel (as per Jake Van Slatt's instructions on Steampunk Workshop), but it looked so good this way, that we decided to leave it this way.

I think we're going to call it Prof. Steampunk's Airship Flight Office, although I'm open suggestions.

Mar. 18th, 2011

Dr. Wright Gooder/Prof. Steampunk

Started on field desk trunk

Okay, here I am hard at work scraping off the newest layer of paint on the old US Army field desk which will soon become my very own Prof. Steampunk travelling office. After the grayish-beigish-offwhitish crackle finish came off, there were a couple layers of olive drab, GI green still to mess with.

On the inside, I scraped and sanded the wood drawers and partitions, then stained the drawer fronts a red mahogany (2 light coats) and painted the partitions black. Don't like the matte finish of the black, so I'll probably cover it with a gloss black soon.

Note the cool, flush mount, circular, brass ring pulls. They look much better than the old plastic ones.

Since this picture was taken, I've taped the strapping on the outside so I could paint the exterior. I chose a "merlot" paint which was supposed to be a burgundy color, but seems to be a little more red than I'd anticipated. Maybe when I get the strapping painted, it will tone it down a little. No pic yet. Still adding some coats to it, and right now it just all looks red, tape and all. Will post some of those when finished.

If you look real closely at the scraping picture and on the writing surface of the second pic, you might be able to make out my new steampunk safety goggles, an old pair of Willson green safety glasses with side shields. My favorite optical lab in the whole worl-- Garner Optical Lab in Waco, TX--has informed me that the frames are just fine for them to fit with my prescription trifocal lenses. Anyway, they will become my "hacker goggles" for my bike and sidecar. Can't wait to get them done. I'm only waiting while I try to decide on the color of the lenses and whether or not to make them transitional lenses or not--will depend on the colors. I really like the bright green color of the current lenses. I'm going to try to keep them that same color. Just don't know if I can find thin plastic (or poly or acetate or whatever) in the same color to match to replace the sideshields.

Feb. 6th, 2011

Dr. Wright Gooder/Prof. Steampunk

New trunk project!!!!

Passed this thing up my last two visits to the local Steampunk Repository of Lost and Ailing Items (I know, I rename it each time I mention it, but that's half the fun). Anyway, imagine a place where steampunk airships have crashed, steampunk labs have thrown their outcast equipment (remember, I got an X-ray machine there last year), and airship pirates haul their plundered loot. God, I love junk shops!!!

Anyway, after I passed it up twice, Lady Artamiss decided it would make a fantastic Valentine's Day present--so she "negotiated" a price with the proprietor (I think she batted her eyes at him, plus the fact they were both wearing almost the exact same cap) and bought it for me for VD (that's Valentine's Day--get your mind out of the gutter). I did have to haul it out to the SteamPunkAirShip Conally and had to promise her a Valentine's Day (I'm not using VD again with the crowd that frequents this site!) dinner at her favorite Greek restaurant next trip to Austin. And darn, they have belly dancers there. I can barely stand it LOL

So, here's the new Prof. Steampunk Field Office Desk Trunk, ready to be renovated, renewed, and rejuve...rejuvo...rejuva...heck, redone:

Thinking of going with a red mahogany stain on the inside and replacing the plastic ring pulls on the drawers with brass ones, if I can find 1.5-inch ones somewhere. I think I saw some at Lowe's but they might be bigger than that. If not, I'll buy some online. If anyone knows of a source, I'd appreciate it. Finding lots of 2.5-inch round ones but not the smaller ones.

As for the outside, I haven't decided. The case is wood, but it has a really good, waterproof looking covering over the wood that seems to be intact--just an ugly olive drab color. Similar items I've seen before were made by, appropriately enough, Texas Trunk Company from the 1940s to the 1960s for the military. So I'm thinking of painting it rather than taking that off to get to the wood.

And I'm kind of partial to that red that we painted Lady Artamiss' steamer trunk. Maybe that red, with black hammered straps and latches? I think the gold and black "Prof. Steampunk's Field Office Desk Trunk" would look good against that background. Oh, boy, another stencil to make...aaaagh! Why do I do this to myself????? I REALLY needed another Steampunk Project! The Time Machine Emprorium is beginning to look like a Warehouse 12--the place they put all the not-quite-finished projects. Lord knows we've got a warehouse full of those!!!

Jan. 31st, 2011

Dr. Wright Gooder/Prof. Steampunk

New cool stuff from our treasure trove

I had a few hours Saturday morning, the weather was perfect, so I took the hack (the ShadowQueen--Honda Shadow Aero and sidecar)out for breakfast. Couldn't stop there, so I headed for the Waco Steampunk Market (local antique junk shop). And sure enough, they had some items I could not leave without.

I found this cool brass and copper container, but I couldn't unscrew the top. It just kept turning.

Then I got brave and just pulled hard on the top (after confirming that I could afford to buy it if I broke it!) to reveal:

We think it is a cigarette holder, kind of like those jars that hold straws until you lift the top and they lean outward. Here's a little better closeup.

If it were big enough for cigars, we'd make a humidor out of it, but as small as it is, I'm thinking of putting sharpened half-pencils in it for my desk. Therefor, it will be a writing implement and maybe I can take it off my taxes as an author (where's my TurboTax?).

Here's another--a compact that I passed by about six or seven times before I had to pick it up, too.

And opened.

Taken apart to see how it works and fits together.

Someday, this WILL BE my cell phone LOL.

From a previous visit, here are a couple of items. First, a pair of cast iron bookends that had been painted bronze, which is almost gone, so I'm going to take them back to iron.

Then, this cool cigar ash tray. The holders are larger than those of a cigarette holder. All brass. Had to come home with me.

Will post more stuff as work progresses. Steam on!

Nov. 29th, 2010

Dr. Wright Gooder/Prof. Steampunk

Trunk work continues

We've been busy since Armadillocon, but thought we'd add a few pix of what's been keeping us busy. Everyone at Armadillocon liked Prof. Steampunk's Time Machine Emporium trunk so much that Lady Artamiss De'cor decided she need one for her adventures. We're almost finished with it here:

To start, though, we picked up a really ugly, abused "mini" steamer trunk at our local steampunk recycling center--better known as Laverty's in Waco. It was so bad I didn't even take any "before" pictures. I should have, but I thought it might not even be salvagable--it had been Vulcanized, a hard rubber coating from the early 20th century that was mostly falling off. But it was cheap, so we decided to have at it.

Got the rubber off, primed it and painted it:

Cleaned out the insides:

Lady Artamiss finally got it to the stage of relining:

Toward the end of the relining:

Once we finish this one, maybe I can talk her into lining my trunk...unless she starts a new corset...or the gloves she's starting to build now..or we come up with a new mustache wax recipe.

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