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Professor Steampunk

Dr. Wright Moore Gooder's Personal Journal from the Land of Steampunk

14 April
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I am a published author (Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, Short Mystery Fiction Society, Texas Coalition of Writers currently...formerly Western Writers of America, Texas Press Association, South Texas Press Association). I am also an English department chair and writing instructor.

Love 1880s-early 1900s, Victorian to Art Deco or thereabouts. Finally ran across steampunk last year. Made my first keyboard, took 3 or 4 months. Now steampunking a Mac Mini into a portable typewriter shell as a graduation present for my oldest son.

Steampunk has confirmed that there are other modern world folk who are tired of mass-produced looking modern appliances, etc. and willing to enclose them or mod them to make them look more personal and to have more character. God, I love characters!!!
author, etc., fiction, mysteries, steampunking keyboards, writing, writing instructor.